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a historic agreement between the united states and -- today i signed a historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. >> the president greeting troops and making a major milestone in the war one year after the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> plus the feds stop a homegrown terror plot, the target a bridge over a major national plot, more on the suspected bombers and how they were stopped. >> the heat is on. we're starting the month of may with summer-like weather including some storms headed our way. >>> we begin with the president's surprise visit to afghanistan. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the president addressed the nation tonight laying out an exit strategy to the war. >> all of this on the first anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden. fox 5's will thomas has more in today's surprise visit. >> as you know, the surprise had everything to do with keeping the president safe, but the timing is certainly no coincidence. politics aside for now the president's m
those who gave so much for the united states of america. we thank you for watching, for being part of our program. and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> rolling thunder and rolling storms in the district this memorial day weekend as we honor our nation's servicemen and women. >> one family never expected they'd be mourning this memorial day as police continue to investigate the death of a marine in ft. meade. >> and a vicious attack on innocent animals. police in fairfax county are investigating a second crime on animals within the past month. welcome to the news at 10:00. i'm maureen umeh. >> up until tonight mother nature provided us a hot and sunny memorial day weekend, but now comes the rain. tonight's memorial day concert on capitol hill was cut short forcing hundreds of guests to evacuate. lets turn things over to gwen tolbart in the weather center with an update. >> we had a line of rain and storms that moved through. some were fairly strong. we had a couple of severe thunderstor
alcohol excise tax at the present time is below one- half of jurisdictions in the united states. the tax in the district is not been increased since 1990. >> estimates on how much this proposed tax will cost vendors varies depending on who you ask. the distilled spirits council of the united states predicted an increase of 12.5% on spirits, 9.7% on wine, and 8.5% on beer. >> from national brewers, local brewers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, all facets of the industry. and they are all very much concerned about the excise tax. >> the mayor said last week his plan to raise revenue by allowing bars to stay open later remains the best plan. instead of creating a new tax on drinks. >> i stay with where i was. i say no new taxes and i don't want to move to introducing a new tax when i said i wouldn't do that. >> council member graham believes the $20 million that could be generated through this excise tax could be used to help fund some social services that are facing budget cuts. meanwhile, these extended bar hours basically failed in graham's committee and today he
.s. customs and border protection, roughly 41% of them are caught trying to come back into the united states at a later time. but in tucson, arizona, one of the busiest border patrol sectors, agents put some illegal immigrants on buses and transport them back to mexico by way of california and texas, hundreds of miles away from their original point of entry. the concept is known as lateral repate ration and the department of homeland security says it takes the recidivism rates down to 27%. while it's seen as a success for cbp, immigration rights group argue it puts those people in serious danger. >> they may not know where shelter would be or where the local municipal office of the mexican government, for example, would be, where they can get help. they wouldn't know the area. like being dropped in new york city where you've never been and having to favor gat -- navigate. >> they are not just dropped off and cast out. there's an official agreed upon process with the government of mexico and the united states to make sure wthat process is followed. >> reporter: border control says this helps
live my life in the united states. >> reporter: tarhuni worships at the islamic center of portland, a focus of several terror investigations. its imam is also on the no fly list, once accused of funding the so-called portland six, a group from the mosque convicted of conspiracy to levy war against the u.s. more recently mohamed mohamud was charged with trying to detonate a fake car bomb at a portland christmas tree lighting ceremony. he, too attended the mosque. larry chandler is a member of the joint terrorism task force. >> i don't think the mosque itself is any threat at all. it's the activities of the people who attend that location. >> reporter: an fbi official says to get on the no fly list someone must be considered a threat to an aircraft or the passengers. to give them an explanation he adds would jeopardize security. at issue for the courts is do people have a right to fly and does the government have a right to keep them from flying without telling them why? in seattle dan springer, fox news. >>> the fbi is searching for one of their own special agents. steven ivans of
along the southeastern united states. it's got winds of about 30 miles an hour already mainly to the east of the center and this is the kind of thing if you're heading down to the beaches, you may want to keep an eye on it. mid-atlantic beaches, probably not so much. carolina beaches may have to watch it. let me show you the cloud pattern, there are a lot of clouds and they have that kind of symmetrical pattern we'll show you in a bit. you can take the weather forecast with you everywhere you go. we've got the ipad up to show you our fox 5 weather app. we've got it on radar now. you can see diminishing showers. heading down to florida this weekend? check the weather photograph down there. let's say heading down toward tampa, a couple thunderstorms down there. we can see what's going on off the coast of florida to figure out what we need to take with us and not only that, but you can get a 10-day forecast locally and check our twitter feed and see what's going on. we ask you to consider downloading this onto your ipad, your iphone, perhaps your droid. we've had a lot of people
. >> this is a strange alliance between the united states and pakistan. we are both fighting al-qaeda. had this happened with england, with france, with israel or yemen. if we had an enemy terrorist and send drones, they wouldn't have reacted that way. >> even though a senate committee voted unanimously to withhold aide from pakistan, a million for every year of the sentence until he is free, there's no indication the pakistanis are considering letting him go. in washington, fox news. >>> the white house is calling an attack in syria horrific. the new violence left more than 90 people dead, including at least 32 children. the shelling on an area called hula sparked outrage all over the year. the united nations came a short time after demonstrations against president assad. his regime yesterday. >>> two major traffic projects are finally wrapping up, but there's another one in the works. next, the neighborhood to get a major road makeover coming up. and the local high school student made one of the bravest proposals we have ever seen. another big prize, we're going to catch up with chloe after the break
activist chooses e -- who escaped from house arrest is in the united states. guanchang made it to new york with his wife and two children tonight. >> reporter: it was not until he was taken to the beijing airport this morning by chinese authorities that he was told where he was going. he, his wife, and two children were provided passports there and the u.s. government provided expedited visas. this afternoon, ben rhodes reacted to the news. >> and we welcome this development and the fact that he'll be able to pursue a study here in the united states upon his arrival. >> reporter: he will accept an invitation is to stud -- to study law. the reuters quoted a official who said i am happy to receive the news that he is on the way to the u.s. and i look forward to welcoming him and his family tonight and working with him on his course of study. reaction from capitol hill, representative chris smith of new jersey said america welcomes the extraordinary family with open arms while senator mccain tweeted late today, great news. guanchang headed to the usa and we must ensure his relatives and assoc
and gentlemen. we are the united states navy band commodores, is premier jazz ensemble of the united states navy. >> i love this kind of thing where military bands come out and we support them and they put on a great show on the holidays. they work the holidays. [ music ] ] >> to this day they're still giving their lives for us and doing this, this comfort of being safe and knowing that if anything happens they're there. >> cotton candy bubblegum. >> yum. is it melting too fast for you? >> no. it hasn't melted even once. [ music ] >> being a new yorker after 9/11 it was such a tragedy for everyone and it's a wonderful thing just to know that our military men and women are there every day for us keeping us safe. [ music ] [ applause ] >> looks like they're having fun. it was a hot day out there. >> staying hydrated, having some water out there, a little bit of shade. >> one more day like this and then it's going to cool off a little bit, all right? we'll have some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. that will signal the change and bring about instead of temperatures around 90 and
on the shoulders of the united states and its allies >> reporter: before tensions level increased, a number u.s. veterans spoke emotional will youly to the crowds ands toed their medals towards the convention complex. >>> looks like rain on the way for your monday morning. we have the forecast next. >>> and the ring of fire, solar eclipse is not moving over the east coast but you can still watch it from home. we'll tell you how >>> and many tvs may be coming to a grocery store near you. the future of advertising coming up. we have speech more on the news at 10:00. stay with us. we are back after this.  >>> a few clouds this evening. we could be looking at rain for your monday morning commute, unfortunately. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. gwen tolbert is here. >> reporter: we had a spectacular weekend. no shortage of sunshine. temperatures were above seasonal and everybody got a chance to enjoy it but there are some changes coming up. we'll let you know where things stood today and where we are headed. we hit 81 degrees at regan national airport, 83 at thurgood marshal. these temp
's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> home prices finally rising. half the cities in the united states seeing home prices climbing the first three months of the year. cape coral florida had the biggest gains, prices up 28%. meanwhile toyota is in the fast lane, the japanese automaker coming back from last year's crippling tsunami, the company reporting more than a 400% gain in quarterly profits, toyota now pulling to make more money than general motors this year. ford is recalling a few more vehicles, the company calling back 27,000 of its wind star minivans sold in virginia on top of the 600,000 vehicles in the original recall, other problems with rear axles. ladies, you've got a new man. hollywood superstar brad pitt will be the next face for chanel no. 5 perfume. it's the first time the legendary fragrance for women will be pitched by a man. i declined the offer. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors.
on earth, i believe the united states has a moral obligation to lead the fight against unger and malnutrition and to partner with other -- hunger and malnutrition and to partner with others. >> at the nato meetings coming up and protestors will most likely meet there as well. demonstrators are gathered just outside of camp david. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: fairmont, maryland, population 6,000, but this weekend that number is going up. ahead of the g-8 economic summit this small town in western maryland is as close as anyone who is not invited to catch david will get to camp david -- camp david will get to camp david. >> we're used to presidential visits. they occur all the time. >> reporter: corporal jason west of the frederick county sheriff's office says beefed up federal, state and local law enforcement are ready for any protests. >> there may be more than this. there may be no more that show up. regardless we are prepared for whatever situation arises. >> reporter: so far, though, the protestors have left fairmont's locals unimpressed. >> just protect
to the united states at dover air force base indelaware. in the newsroom, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news >>> and sargent silver chase, a marine also died in the helmand province. he was based out of okinawa, japan. >>> three young children walked more than a mile from their home. the babysitter is charged with neglect. the manager of a taco bell found a seven-year-old alone and called police. the 7 and 8-year-old children were walking near the store. the children have been returned to their mother. >>> a change for the jury in the case against presidential candidate john edwards. the judge gave the four alternates home but gave them a warning not to read reports or discuss the trial. the judge and attorneys met behind closed doors several times because of notes from the jurors. the judge did not explain why the alternates were released. the jurors have been deliberating for eight days without a verdict. >>> let the deer hunt begin. the national park service is green lighting a controversial plan to thin out the deer population by using sharpshooters. we have more on the story >> reporte
: but one thing is clear. time is running out to resolve this issue before the united states and china talks begin. what is still not known about this case is how chen guangcheng remember who is blind was able to evade his guards and make his way to beijing. experts say undoubtedly he had help and this effort was months in the planning. secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary timothy geithner are expected to travel to china this week to begin their talks. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> coming up the emergency action being taken in the wake of the scandal that could send a former ring did council member to prison. >> also ahead -- former d.c. council member to prison. >> also ahead one building now officially the tallest building in the city. >> if you see a story we should look into send your tips to fox5tips at or call us at 202-895-3000. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your dec
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